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We provide M&A advisory services for startup founders on how to exit for the best price possible.

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NorthStar Venture Partners specializes in M&A advisory services for tech startups operating in the U.S, Europe, and Australia.

I want to grow my company.

We advise companies that have recently raised $10M or more on which companies to buy and provide expert counseling on price negotiations.

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I want to sell my company.

We advise startup founders who are looking for liquidity at any stage on how to exit and sell their company for the best price possible.

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Do You Know What Your Startup Is Really Worth?

Don’t Leave the Biggest Transaction of Your Life Up to Chance

Whether you’re looking to sell your startup or acquire another company for growth, these transactions can be a huge risk. As M&A advisors, we bridge the transaction market gap between the small-scale deals traditionally handled by business brokers and the multi-million dollar transactions sold by investment bankers. As startup founders with multiple successful exits under our belts, we get it. We’ve been there and provide the guidance we wish we had during our deals.

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Who We Work With

Success-Based Pricing

At NorthStar, we follow the value alignment model to ensure the benefit we bring to the table aligns with the goals you want to achieve. We win when you win, that’s why we’ve structured our pricing to be net positive.

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Pre-M&A Transactions

We work with companies interested in selling their firms or acquiring other companies with preliminary research and analysis before they begin the full M&A process.

  • Valuations
  • Board-ready exit plans
  • Growth through acquisition services
  • Buy-side research
  • Sell-side research

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Full Service Pre-M&A

As a full-service M&A firm we walk you through each step of the acquisition process and align ourselves with your goals. For both buy-side and sell-side engagements, we have a simple fee structure consisting of a setup fee, monthly retainer and a percentage-based success fee. Setup fees are reimbursed to clients on deals over the $1M threshold.

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Our Strategic Partners

We work with best-in-class investment banking, advisory and law firms to provide high caliber due diligence and transaction services for our clients.

Founder's Story

NorthStar Venture Partners is led by Julien Meyer, MBA. A veteran of the tech community, Meyer is a 3x startup founder with 2 exits, a published author, a Harvard Business School Leading with Finance Alum and a Top Rated Startup Consultant (UpWork, 2018). Meyer advised on over 50 successful transactions before starting NorthStar. His experience has helped him understand the unique challenges that founders experience when trying to exit their ventures. The ultimate goal of every entrepreneur is to sell their company. We’ll help you get there faster.



"I partnered with NorthStar for guidance throughout the process of selling my company and to ensure I was getting the best deal possible. I felt confident that they could provide real insight given their personal experiences exiting their own startups. When you work with NorthStar, you not only get an M&A advisor, but also a friend you can trust."

- Craig Bolz, Klink, acquired by

“NorthStar is extremely knowledgeable and provided a very in depth understanding on the topics discussed. The information I received was highly valuable and will help me make the decisions I have been pondering. I truly enjoyed working with NorthStar and would easily recommend them to others.”

“NorthStar is fantastic. Very knowledgeable. They even went over on our time together to make sure we have all the information we needed. Highly recommended.”

“NorthStar delivered great work on our project and we enjoyed working with them. They’re communication was top notch, they met all deadlines, and their skills were strong. They did extra notes with all details in formation, very helpful! We’ll likely have additional jobs for them in the future.”

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